4 Easy Tips For Parking Your RV

So now you’ve got your brand new 30-foot long fifth-wheeler or even longer motorhome and are ready to set out on the open highway.  You’ve picked out your destination RV Park and just arrived at the RV Park….but wait….how do you park your new RV????

With many campsites designed to accommodate smaller vehicles, easing your 30-foot long fifth-wheeler or even longer motorhome into some spots can be a challenge.  At Texas 6 RV Park, we have available Back-In spaces and Pull-Through spaces.  (Check out  our daily, weekly and monthly rates)

That’s why it’s important to know these 4 easy tips for parking your RV:
  1. Verify that your RV can get to the RV Park. While the roads in most RV Parks are easy to navigate, there are still some that could be difficult to access due to sharp turns and tight squeezes around big rocks and trees. Be sure to check the RV Park’s website for any caution notices to warn of longer rigs.  Of course if you have concerns, you can always contact the RV Park directly to check.
  2. Make sure your RV will fit the park. Most RV Parks in Texas and other states websites provide details for each site, including its length. Check that the spot you’ve selected will accommodate both your tow vehicle and your trailer or your motorhome, without sticking out into the road.
  3. Check the RV Park before you pull in. If you can do so without blocking others, get out and take a look at the spot. Look for any objects or areas that might pose any hazards, such as, low hanging branches, posts, and power and water hookups. You’ll also want to keep these same objects can prevent you from extending your slide outs, so make sure the coast is clear!
  4. Have a friend guide you in. No matter how skilled you think you are at backing into parking spots, things will go a lot smoother with extra eyes watching. There’s nothing worse than the crunch of an RV bumper hitting a picnic table or something worse. Your friend can also make sure you are in straight and that you’re completely out of the road.
And that’s how to park your RV! Your RV is now safely in the RV Park and ready to enjoy!
Happy RVing!
Texas 6 RV Park